About us

This website is part of the project "Plastics Re-use and Recycling Platform" under the Climate KIC CMA programme. The project is carried out by the Delft University of Technology. The Delft University of Technology also administers this website.

The goal of the website is to study the effect of the awareness of (also small batches) of plastic by-products and rest materials from plastic converters, on other plastic converters. The expectation is that more plastics are being exchanged or recycled which gives economic advantage to other plastic converters. Re-using and recycling plastics that are usually discarded, saves CO2-emissions. The Delft University of Technology researches the effect of these websites on the cooperation between enterprises as a part of the field of industrial symbiosis.

The research will continue to the end of 2014. This website will operate as part of the project free of costs. Plastic processing professionals can post their rest-materials for free. The users will be asked via e-mail to voluntarily fill in a small questionnaire as part of the research project. The data will be kept and reported anonymously.